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What is Reactive Recruiting?

Reactive recruiting has been the traditional way to do things for a long time. Now that is changing rapidly and all the top staffing firms are moving over to proactive recruiting. Which you can learn more about here. Even though reactive recruiting isn’t used as much today, it’s still worth knowing about. It may help […]

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What is Proactive Recruiting?

Proactive recruiting is what you want to be doing. Why? I’ll discuss that in a later post. Right now we’ll talk about what this term actually is. First, there are two types of just about anything. On one side you have proactive and on the other you have reactive. Being proactive is just being ahead […]

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Why You Need A Recruiting Strategy

Some business owners may think a recruiting strategy is just posting an ad on to several job boards. But there’s a lot more to it than that! A good recruiting strategy is essential if you want to find the ones that work out in the long run. Recruiting strategies outline the recruiting and sometimes on-boarding […]

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The Benefits of Staffing Firms

In order to grow, a business needs talented staff, but the high cost of hiring someone new leaves many business leaders wondering if the investment will truly pay off. Employment laws are constantly changing, and the challenge of complying with new regulations surrounding the Affordable Care Act, workers’ compensation and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission […]

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What Interviewers Hear -VS- What a Candidate Means

Many recruiters and employers hear this often, but do we really look into the real meaning it may have from the prospective candidate. I have often been part of interviews that involved this answers, and at the end it was totally the opposite. From my experience, and after the headache of dealing with the candidates […]

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Turn Interviews Into Job Offers, Is All In The Preparation

The key to any interview is preparation and planning. Pre-plan before you do anything else, follow 3 steps; research, organize and execute. You may think “I have a degree” or “I can talk to anyone” but once you’re in the seat, many crumble. Overconfidence is a good thing, just keep it at a safe level. […]

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